Books on the Go

A cheap vacation is to buy a book. The cheapest vacation is to find a book.

Welcome to my books on the go!

Books are a wonderful way to escape. And never do I escape without a book. I enjoy sharing my stories here on my travel blog. And now I am sharing my travel books.

Here’s how:

  1. I am registering each of my books on and will read and release it into the wild! Upon registering my book, it is assigned an identification number and logged into a database.
  2. I will post a photo of my current travel read on Instagram, so you know which book will be set free soon. When I am done, I will leave it behind — on an airplane, in a hotel lobby, at an airport, in a cab, on a beach or under a tree — and will post another photo, tagged with its geolocation and a clue of where I released it.
  3. If you should find it, you will know because it will have a special label I created with a message to the new owner and the book’s identification number.
  4. I ask the finder of any of my books to please snap a photo and share a brief story of how you found my book, where you are traveling to or any other nugget you care to share about you. Post your photo to Instagram, tag it with #amikoonthego, then log it on, so we can follow our shared traveling book.
  5. Read and release!


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